7 Relationship Tips to Win A Women’s Heart

Relationship tips that will get you noticed and loved by your dream girl!

I am a single girl and an extremely picky one at that.  On occassion, I wonder where are the guys that really try to impress women and what would they have to do in order to get my attention? I think I came up with a solid list of 7 relationship tips that would win any girl over including me.

(1) Marcellus Wallace’s wife still wants her feet massaged.  Jules was right, giving a foot massage is like…oh, never mind.  Most women in this world love to be touched in a way that relaxes them and I am one of those women.  Nothing says “Honey, your home and you’ve had a hard day” like a foot massage.  Let’s be honest, more women than not love to wear stilettos and that means her feet are going to hurt.  So if you plan to admire my Milano Blahniks then you better be whipping out the lotion to repair the damage the day did on my toes.  This is my most favorite of all the relationship tips that I will offer.

(2) Bobby Flay is hot! Everyone knows that Bobby Flay is known to turn up the heat in the kitchen, but nothing says spicy like watching my man cook some shimp in grits in his pj pants.  I can cook, but I am far from good because most of the time my dishes come up tasting like an ingredient or two is missing.  Having a man around who could cook would be awesome because I would eat something more than hot dogs and diet coke.  This little skill is and will remain at the top of my relationship tips for men.

(3) The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia. I can change a light bulb.  In fact, I have changed out a garbage disposal, installed a new kitchen floor and a new faucet.  I have no problem doing either of those chores, but I am klutzy and herein lies the isssue.   When a girl who is tall, such as myself, has to change the lightbulb then crawling up on a stool requires a certain amount of risk. This is one of those times that a man could step up and be the white knight to save the day.  Relationship tips are not only a guide to winning me over, but a guarantee of a goodnight kiss.

(4) Where’s Fido? I have a wonderful dog who is exceptionally cute to play with, but he takes a lot of work.  If you take my dog out on a quick walk around the blog then maybe we both will give you a good night kiss when you leave for the night.

(5) Nothing says foreplay like me not being naked.  Ok guys, before you close this blog down because you think it just went boring hear me out.  I am not asking you to take me to Bloomingdales or Cash Closet to pick out some new threads.  (Of course, if you want to then I am not going to stop you).  I am letting you in on a little secret that most women, like myself, hate with a passion folding clothes.  If you want to see me in something that looks cute and sexy then you are going to have to wait until it is hung up in my closet.  Why not speed this little process on by helping me get my clothes folded?  You know, I might even let you pick out our next date outfit in return!  From my collection of bous relationship tips: Pick out something sexy and fun, but not slutty or you will never get to dress me again.

(6)The single girl is still screwed by technology. Over a year ago I wrote a blog about how men have dropped the ball when it comes to asking women out and my feelings have not changed in a year. If you want to be my man and win my affection then adhere to my number 1 of all my relationship tips: pick up the phone and ask me out.  The last time I accepted a date via text after meeting a guy out is…NEVER! This is a relationship no-no for me and should be for all women.

(7) Diamond is a girl’s bestfriend.  I am not the kind of girl who expects every Harry, Dick or Joe to pick me up a fabulous piece of glitter to win my affection. What I do love is the occassional gift of low cost and high thought.  All of us love it when we are thought of; it is the realization that someone did something for me that brings a smile to my face.  So, listen to the little things that I love and maybe pick up one for me as a gift.  I am not asking for anything expensive, but the little things that don’t cost more than $10 or $20.   You have to know my personal list of loves like my favorite ice cream, gift certificate for a pedicure or a Bedazzler gun (kidding).  Relationship tips are the best if you know all of the parts of how to fulfill them.


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  2. Nice tips, Tippins! I love these….My Dragonslayer does all of this and more. He’s the KING of low cost and high thought with a little diamond sprinkled in here and there when he can afford it. That’s why he gets ALL my attention!

    Single guys need this post. There’s a quiz later guys — it’s called “dating life”.
    Samantha Gluck recently posted..How to Make Your Post More Attractive and ReadableMy Profile

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Samantha! You have quite the man there. I am so jealous. I am still interviewing the future Mr. RockScar

  4. rich-man says:

    av tried all my possible best 2 win this girl heart but I can’t mek it. can u guys help me out


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